TEBORI (手彫り) The traditional Japanese hand tattooing using a rod made of wood or metal with an array of needles on the end.  Many artists praise it for its ability to create subtle gradations of tone.  The word Tebori comes from te meaning ‘hand’ and hori or horu, to carve, sculpt or inscribe which arose in the late 18th and early 19th century in the capital city of Edo.

TEBORI is a darkly entertaining tale that combines the action of THE TRANSPORTER with the slice & dice blood-spattering of KILL BILL, the unmitigated suspense/horror of SE7EN with the brutal hand-to-hand combat of THE RAID.

SUZAKU, a mentally unstable Yakuza overlord, is obsessed with a young woman and her family who wronged him and took away everything he held dear. And he plans to take it back, ten-fold.

Enter JACK MACCALLISTER, a living shell of a man who once performed gruesome off-book jobs in Afghanistan.   Now a mercenary for hire, he lives the life of petty crimes trying to forget the terrors of his past…until MITSUKO KAWASHIMA enters his life.

MITSUKO’s family is also Yakuza, and she wants no part of the business.  She fled to America to start a new life, living in rural Seattle.  Using her childhood Katana training, she spends her time carving carcasses in a local meat packing plant. 

With SUZAKU unleashing hell on the Kawashima’s, and sending his soldiers to kidnap MITSUKO, her brother JUNICHI hires JACK to escort MITSUKO from Seattle to their family safehouse outside of Tokyo.  A simple grab-n-go…until it’s not!

JACK and MITSUKO find themselves on the run as they slice, dice and maim their way to Tokyo only to find her family is missing.  In an ultimate showdown at SUZAKU’s compound, they discover SUZAKU is a collector of the most intimate of canvass:  TATTOO’s…and MITSUKO is the last piece of her family masterpiece – The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas.