TEBORI is a darkly twisted action-horror-thriller in vein of Transporter meets Kill Bill meets Se7en meets The Raid.

Jack MacCallister, is a living shell of a man who was once a great force doing covert work in Afghanistan – performing the off-book jobs that were unable to be officially sanctioned. And he was the best in the business. But now he lives the life of a man trying to forget the terrors of his past… until Mitsuko Kawashima comes into his life.

Jack is hired by Mitsuko’s brother Junichi, a high-ranking member of the Japanese underworld, to escort Mitsuko from Seattle to their family safehouse outside of Tokyo, as a mentally unstable, rival overlord, Suzaku….. is unleashing hell on the Kawashima clan in order to collect his most prized possession – the skin of Mitsuko and the skins of her brother and parents – as Mitsuko and her family are a living, breathing, work of art covered in full-body Tebori tattoos sculpted by her legendary grandfather, each telling the mythological tale of the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas.