Produced by:
Dean English – Perfect Circle Productions
Robert Burke – Ten One Entertainment

Television series now in development at Netflix.


AVA, 23, a bedridden disillusioned paraplegic living in a remote monastery has given up on life and just wants to die. She cunningly blackmails a doctor to set up her suicide; she is drugged, pronounced dead and wheeled to the morgue to be incinerated in the morning.

However, her lifeless body is violently resurrected as a new sensation, PAIN, enters her entire body. But why is she alive?

A secret militarized unit of Warrior Nuns, have been for centuries the protector of the key to Heaven’s Gate, a sacred HALO left on earth by a fallen saint. Hell’s forces have found the Halo and their attack would have succeeded had the Halo not been desperately hidden inside a ‘corpse’. Now the Halo and its unearthly powers are instead inside a very much alive Ava, healing her body at a remarkable rate.

The Warrior Nuns believe Ava to be a prophecy and train her to be the Halo’s next guardian to fight the forces of Hell, although Ava with her newfound life, has other plans.

Proof of Concept Sizzle Reel Produced and Created by Robert Burke.
Shot in Poland by Film Polska productions.
Directed by A.J. Annila