A poignant depiction of the vicious cycle of violence and one boy’s journey of survival, healing and forgiveness.

Cole Mathews is a severely troubled teen. He deals with his anger and abusive father by lashing out and bullying kids at school. But one day he goes too far, severely beating a classmate in a fit of rage. Sent to a juvenile facility for sentencing, Cole is presented with two options… Be tried as an adult or participate in an experimental program based on an indigenous practice called Circle Justice, which leads to Cole’s sentence of six months isolation on a remote Alaskan island.

As he struggles with the harsh elements and a terrifying encounter with a mysterious white SPIRIT BEAR, a local Tlingit elder, Garvey, guides Cole through time-honored methods of meditation. Cole slowly begins to move through his inner turmoil and seek redemption by ultimately helping the one he so badly hurt.

Touching Spirit Bear offers powerful life lessons for those who struggle with anger issues, bullying, abusive families as well as lessons for those who are the victims of this violence.